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Dalsin Industries has the experience and capabilities required to meet the precision sheet metal stamping and precision metal metal fabrication needs of large and small OEM customers. With 70+ years of experience, two facilities strategically located in Minnesota and Arizona with 210,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing capacity, and a significant investment in new equipment technology, we are in business to help your business succeed. Dalsin delivers design & manufacturing engineering support, outstanding customer service, consistent product quality, and on-time delivery.

We differentiate our metal contract manufacturing business from others through world-class people utilizing powerful automation and technology tools and best-in-class processes. Our organization has a common goal throughout: “To be your best and highest value contract and metal manufacturing source supplier.”

As Dalsin earns the opportunity to grow with our B2B (business to business) and B4B (business for business) OEM customers, our differentiating commitment to future growth is evident throughout our deliverables. It is measured by extremely high customer satisfaction and customer loyalty scores.

Dalsin is in business to work and assist at all stages of the product development through production & fabrication process:

  • Work with your engineering and design teams, bringing design assistance to help engineer a product’s design properties and manufacturing plan which best fits your business model.
  • Work to manufacture pilot and pre-production prototypes or products
  • Work to supply medium-to-high volume full rate production.

Dalsin’s core competencies are the foundation of the value we bring. They include:

Dalsin’s customer commitment and long term growth plans are represented by the following elements and examples:

  • Commitment to support our OEM customer’s growth and expansion plans:
    • Regional Manufacturing in the USA, Midwest and Southwest: major facility expansion from a single 135,000 sq. ft. facility in Bloomington, MN to the additional 85,000 sq. ft. stamping, process fabrication, and welding facility in Phoenix, AZ.
    • Investments in fully automated machine tool technology; elevating volume and velocity opportunities to supply responsive high-rate products and contract manufacturing services.
  • Degreed engineers on staff for design support; design assistance extending our customer’s design / engineering departments:
    • DFM design for manufacturing and manufacturability, Design for cost reduction opportunities, Design for best cost solutions.
    • VA (value analysis), VE (value engineering);
    • 3D printing, FDM technology; prototypes, fixtures, quality and assembly supporting devices and tools.
  • Precision sheet metal fabrication diverse abilities:
    • Laser cutting systems to 4.5 kW, supplied by sheet tower automation for continuous processing on multiple machine tools; Mitsubishi 2D laser cutting at MN and AZ facilities.
    • Automated full sheet precision punching with Trumpf Trupunch 5000 technology; Stopa twin tower 54 shelf materials management automation for continuous processing. Tight Tolerance / High Speed punching to 1,350 strokes/minute, with supporting systems including sheetmaster, sortmaster, gripmaster, and dynamic nesting.
    • Automated panel bending and forming with Salvagnini P4 technology, multiple systems.
    • Synchronized twin head robotic welding systems; weld torch controlled precision with touch sensing technology; cnc automated clamping and articulating head-tail stock fixture systems; programmable automation for overhead material load / unload systems; synchronized and automated grinding.
  • Progressive stamping diverse abilities:
    • Recent investment in a new 660T press with a 12’ x 5’ bed and automated coil leveling feed system.

contract manufacturing & assembly

Dalsin banner showing ISO certifications, displayed over one of numerous laser cutting systems.

sheet metal contract manufacturing

End product assembly, highly cosmetic polished stainless steel.

contract manufacturing & assembly

Ground based mounting systems, utility scale, and solar power plants.