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Global Contract Manufacturing Services


 “Rich fabrication capabilities delivering quality products on time and within budget. It’s our passion to make your products better.”

Our heritage, continual development of production capabilities, and investments in new technology have helped Dalsin retain its strong industry position within the top 5% of all U.S. metal fabricators. With production facilities in Minnesota, we have created an advantage for our customers—especially those preferring regional production, those with high-volume needs, and those with a preference for U.S. sourcing.

But being based in the U.S. doesn’t limit our metal fabrication abilities to service OEMs and product manufacturers globally.  In fact, we have a strong balance between local/regional customers, national accounts, and global accounts because they know they can rely on our ability to source and deliver products around the world.

What industries do our customers represent?

  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Technology and Electronics
  • Medical Equipment
  • Retail Products

There are common threads with each industry we serve and areas of specific value that we offer. And the importance of these threads, or factors, along with the unique approach we take, enable us to build and extend long-term customer relationships.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  1. What metal manufacturing capabilities do we have in-house? Here’s a short working list:
    • Panel Bending and Forming
      • i. Automated forming with multiple Salvagnini P-4 panel benders
      • ii. Sophisticated shapes and precise forming of complex shapes
    • Robotic Welding
      • i. High-velocity robotic welding systems, with synchronized and overhead materials handling systems
      • ii. Touch-sensing torch location and articulating fixtures with coordinated motion.
      • iii. Welding to AWS Certified standards
    • Laser Cutting
      • i. Multiple systems supported by automated material storage and material handling to support lights-out manufacturing.
    • Punching
      • i. Automated punching systems supported by automated material storage and sorting.
    • Flexible assembly
      • i. Simple to complex assembly experience.
      • ii. We provide basic assemblies to complex integration of electrical and electronic components
      • iii. Proficiency in domestic and international product certification requirements.
  2. Our staff has deep expertise in precision metal manufacturing and are knowledgeable in all facets of production.
    • It’s true, we love our equipment—especially those highly specialized technologies sourced from some of the most renowned equipment providers in the world.
    • While it’s important for us to be technology leaders and implementers, we fully recognize that our passionate people, and their areas of expertise, bring creative value to the equation, giving our customers the real advantage!  We continually invest in people and new technology to enhance our innovative capabilities and competitiveness.
    • Technology combined with expertise drives innovation, creative production, and industry-leading results.
  3. What do customers consider important and unique? We offer rich and diverse production capabilities that deliver value on projects of all sizes and complexities:
    • From prototypes and small-production runs to high-volume repeating blanket orders, our production environments support your needs.
    • And complexity? Bring it on! We specialize in integrated products.
    • Our own Memphis Wood Fire Grill product is a great example of our most sophisticated capabilities. It received the 2018 Amazingribs.com Pitmaster Winner for “Best Luxury Grill & Smoker” and incorporates fabrication processes such as metal bending, punching, laser cutting, welding, finishing, electro-mechanical assembly, Wi-Fi networking capabilities, product testing, and certification.
    • Our automated environment is comprised of off-the-shelf and internally-developed equipment to enhance your options.
  4. Our scale, capacity, and financial strength translate into long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.  We support the full production lifecycle from soft-tooling to hard tooling.
    • You don’t have to worry that we are “here today, gone tomorrow.”
    • We’ve been “here” since the company was founded more than 70 years ago.
    • Today, we are large, financially stable, and committed to continual investment in our business.
    • We do business where you do business, and have regional operations to support your manufacturing needs.
    • We support global customer needs through effective partnerships.
    • We believe in the axiom that “large companies like to do business with large companies,” especially in this age of strategic supplier programs and industry consolidation. We invite you to come and do business with us.


We are responsive partners, using effective communications to ensure that your project is done right the first time with competitive delivery times. Our customer satisfaction and loyalty scores prove this. We consistently score 96% in overall satisfaction with our products and services, with customer loyalty scores in the top 2% for all industries.

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