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Dalsin is highly experienced at powder coat finishing parts, ranging from large assembled panels and weldments to small brackets and piece parts. Our in-house batch finishing processes from pretreatment, powder spray application, curing, secondary operations - packaging are established for various cosmetic and industrial powder coated products. Dalsin’s batch electrostatic powder coating process successfully completes rapid response prototypes through small scale and pre-production volumes, when finish quality and timing counts.

Dalsin has an established network of automated and high volume, industry leading, powder coating partners who we team with to complete large volume and technical finish products on an everyday basis.

industrial powder coatings

protective coating services

Dalsin staff will work with you to complete the finishing process on your metals parts per our OEM customer specifications. We will also work with you on new products to develop the best powder coat finishing plan to meet your performance and budget requirements.

metal coatings

industrial powder coatings

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