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Progressive Metal Stamping

Progressive sheet metal stamping is a metalworking process which can include punching, coining, bending & other modifications of metal materials combined with an automatic feeding system and different workstations. Dalsin has been producing stamped parts for more than 20 Years – carbon steels, stainless steels, & aluminum alloys. Dalsin also specializes in cold rolled sheet metal stamping.

Progressive Die Stamping

Our state-of-the-art automatic coil-fed progressive die stamping systems range from 250 to 660 ton presses, for blanking to forming through multiple progressions, completing finished stamped parts in manufacturing lot sizes ranging from 1,000s to 10,000s plus. We are experts in progressive die stamping, cold rolled sheet metal stamping, transfer die stamping aluminum sheet metal bending and aluminum sheet metal punching.

Stamping Capabilities

Dalsin, as a company commitment, proves to our customers that we have the precision metal fabrication equipment to succeed as a source for low rate production, and skills and ability to expand to high rate high volume production when the hard tooling ROI and product life cycle validate. Production capabilities and capacity range from prototypes, to pilot builds, to medium and high volumes of stamped metal parts. We are your go-to progressive stamping manufacturer for stamped metal parts.

New in 2013, the 660 Ton Press has a 12’ x 5’ bed size, 14” stroke, 30” die height, and 20-40 strokes/minute cycle rate, making Dalsin fully prepared to support your large and small stamped part requirements.

Dalsin's fabrication facility in Minnesota (MN) has the capacity to support all of your progressive die stamping, blank die stamping, transfer die stamping, and cold rolled sheet metal stamping demand.

progressive stamping services

large part metal stamping

Dalsin has years of experience in aluminum sheet bending & punching and progressive sheet metal stamping high strength carbon steel (50KSI – Yield), with complex and challenging part configurations – ranging up to Ten (10) - Part Forming Progressions

Dalsin works with you the OEM customer to optimize stamped metal part configuration for “Best Cost” solution.

  • Optimized material utilization to reduce material scrap content per part.
  • Optimized for dimensional repeatability and production throughput.
  • Optimized for reduced tooling wear and repair.

progressive die stamping

progressive stamping services

Dalsin performs process capability Cpk Studies on large stamped metal parts with established in-process inspection schedules using automated CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines) programmable equipment technology.  Inspection reporting and results are referenced to determine frequency and schedule for stamping die sharpening, maintenance, and repairs.

large part metal stamping

progressive die stamping

Dalsin is experienced at progressive die stamping from aluminum coil.

Steel stamping, robotically welded corner seams, date code and serialized, stacked in returnable Kan Ban crate.

large part metal stamping services

progressive die stamping

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