Medical Cart Assembly

  • Contract Manufacturing --Electrical/Electronic Assembly included
  • Produced for the Medical Industry/Market
  • 200 parts/components (excluding fasteners) in Assembly: 83 Sheet Metal parts, 117 Outside Purchased Components – Strength in Dalsin Purchasing /Supply Chain:
    • Aluminum Extrusions
    • Plastic Injection Molded Parts
    • Thermoform Plastic Parts
    • Variety of purchased components
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Wood Pellet Stove Assembly

  • End Product, Designed, Manufactured, Marketed, & Sold to Consumer by Dalsin
  • 100+ sheet metal & purchased parts in Assembly
  • Electrical/Electronic Assembly, Certification, & Testing Included
  • Designed solely by the Dalsin Engineering & Technical staffy
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Aluminum Tight Tolerance Precision Sheet Metal Assembly

  • Demonstrates Tight Tolerance precision forming in aluminum
  • Shows a significant amount of Hardware Insertion
  • High esthetic appearance assembly
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Painted Sheet Metal Enclosure

Supplied/packaged to Customer as a “Kit of Parts” vs being Pre-assembled

  • Demonstrates precision sheet metal forming and turret punching
  • Use of Galvaneal material to improve corrosion resistance
  • Supplied with final – finish paint
  • Packaged and delivered as a Kit of Parts to increase shipping density to reduce logistics costs
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Stainless Steel End Product Assembly

  • Demonstrates ability to form complex stainless steel components
  • Example of Stainless Steel End product using robotic welding and manual grinding for High Esthetic Appearance
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Utility Ground Based PV Racking System & Installation

  • Welded Component Assemblies meet AWS D1.1 & 1.3 for Structural Welding
  • Module Components – Facilitate all Factory Manufacturing –Reducing Mfg. Cost and Increasing Field Install Rates
  • Excluding the Piling – all parts shown manufactured by Dalsin
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New Metal Fabrication, Stamping, & Robotic Welding Manufacturing Facility in Phoenix, AZ.

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