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COVID-19 Customer Communication

Dalsin Industries is open for business. We're classified as an essential manufacturer, doing our part to keep OEM metal product supply chains working.

  • Global Manufacturing Supply Services

Global Fabrication Supply Chain Management Services

Using our network of high-performing global business partners, Dalsin is proud to offer single-point relationship management services for global fabrication supply chain management, sourcing, design & engineering, production services, logistics, and inventory management. All of this accomplished through Dalsin's standard operating procedures that have helped build our reputation as a leader in domestic and global contract manufacturing. We have helped build our reputation as a leader in domestic and global contract manufacturing. We have an incredibly strong balance between local/regional customers, national accounts, and global accounts because our partners know they can rely on our ability to source and deliver products around the world.

We’re happy to provide this turnkey set of services, allowing you to concentrate on your business, while we manage your production and fulfillment needs.

Program Management: Detailed and well-communicated understanding of scope and specifications ensures we get it right the first time. Local support for design and engineering needs can improve options and help to reduce costs and add value to our customer. All with 24hr communication and feedback loop.

Sourcing: World-class global supply partnerships allow us to team with the best performers for your project. With strong visibility into the global market and pricing landscape, we select the right partner to get you the best price for raw materials and production, while meeting your timing needs. We consider all strategic aspects including landed cost.

Production Services: Quality management throughout, including PPAP (Pre-Production Approval Parts) through production. We assign the right project to the best partner based on capabilities and availability.

Logistics: Proper documentation ensures seamless trans-shipment. Proper packaging based on shipment modes and job site requirements. Transport to remote locations.

Inventory: Safety stock of materials for high-volume parts. Raw material stock managed in a flexible state.

 Improve Your Products and Your Financial Performance

Dalsin will identify, pre-qualify, vet, and on-board the best suppliers and manage them for continuous improvement. We’ve established long-term and trusted relationships with suppliers, thus reducing your business risks.

And because quality is always our goal, we won’t put the Dalsin name on anything less than the absolute best. We expect our global partners to meet the same standards that we achieve domestically through the entire lifecycle of your product. That’s just some of the extra value we bring through our global fabrication supply chain management program.

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Dalsin leads the market in high-value contract manufacturing of precision sheet metal products--delivering operation excellence through our unique integration of people, processes, and production technology

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Dalsin Industries is positioned as a full-service contract manufacturer with major OEM customers across the United States.

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