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  • Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management



                  If rich fabrication and unique collaborative design services aren’t enough to set us apart:

We respond to customer requests and manage their fabrication needs globally by leveraging our capabilities and commitment to operational excellence and quality though an end-to-end (E2E) supply chain management program.

  1. We manage all steps required for successful supply chain management on your behalf, including: verification, design, production, packaging, materials handling, containerization, shipping, logistics, and recycling. We provide a turnkey set of services, allowing you to concentrate on your business, while we manage your production and fulfillment needs.
  2. “E2E” offers our customers an efficient and effective way to produce their portfolio of metal products.
    1. We offer you a single point-of-contact and accountability to simplify process management.
    2. We identify, pre-qualify, vet, and on-board the best suppliers and manage them for continuous improvement. You never need to waste time identifying potential suppliers or wonder whether they’ll meet your needs. You avoid incurring typical risks from first time-supplier relationships. We establish long-term and trusted relationships with suppliers, reducing your business and performance risks.
    3. We tap into our network in the U.S. and around the globe for raw materials and production capabilities that either expand our capabilities or deal with scale and logistics challenges. 

Because quality is always our goal, we won’t put the Dalsin name on anything less than the best. We expect our partnerships to meet the same standards that we achieve though the lifecycle of your product. It’s the extra value we bring through this program!

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