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Metal Products Metal Doors, Panels, Drawers, Shrouds, Shielding

Metal Doors, Panels, Drawers, Shrouds and Shielding – Applications & Examples

Dalsin’s Salvagnini P4 Panel Bender Automated Forming Equipment and Technology – offers CNC sheet metal forming which delivers the perfect solution for manufacturing and assembling medium to high-volume quantities of commercial and industrial drawers, doors, panels, shroudings, and skins.

  • Metal Drawers – Dalsin Industries has created custom metal fabricated drawers in the past for clients from various industries. Our technicians and facility are equipped to manufacture everything from a fastening, spot welding, and riveting. Some of the metals in which we have expertise are aluminum steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel.

  • Doors and Panels – Dalsin Industries is a composite metal panel system manufacturer with experience in servicing clients across the country. Our metal panel expertise falls in being able to produce cost-efficient solutions through our Salvagnini panel behind the technology.

  • Shrouds – Dalsin Industries specializes in manufacturing industrial grade stainless, carbon, and aluminum steel sheet metal shrouds. Our Salvagnini technology allows us to use differentiating design configurations versus more traditional manual brake forming to help us best meet our clients’ goals.

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How & Why

Here is some critical background on “how” and “why”:
The equipment/technology is significantly more “precise” than manual or robotic press brake forming, as the Salvagnini P4 forming offers the ability to hold forming tolerances of +/- 0.010”.

Salvagnini P4 Panel Bending can produce “unique” forms, geometry, & configurations not achievable with manual or robotic press brake forming.

While individual drawer, door, or panel components are being formed in the Salvagnini P4 panel benders – our technicians complete “Internal to Cycle” manufacturing processes such as fastener, riveting, hardware insertion, and/or spot welding.

Accordingly, the Salvagnini panel bending technology offers you the customer the best cost solution for producing and delivering your drawer, door, panel, and shroud requirements.

Dalsin is uniquely positioned to help our customers meet their needs and requirements for commercial and industrial drawers, doors, panels, and shrouds. Dalsin currently has three Salvagnini P4s running production, and a fourth Salvagnini P4 is planned to come on line later in 2015.

Dalsin produces commercial or industrial drawers, doors, or panels more cost effectively using unique and differentiating design configurations vs. manual or robotic press brake forming.

Dalsin’s engineering/technical staff can assist our customers’ product design teams in optimizing the product and part(s) to realize the benefits and advantages of the Salvagnini P4 equipment and technology to:

  • Further optimize and reduce part/product cost/price.
  • Help Improve and/or optimize Fit, Form, Function, Finish of end products.
  • Increasing manufacturing Through-Put and Velocity

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