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Forming precision metal products at Dalsin Industries is completed with Press Brakes, Salvagnini P4 Automated Panel Benders, and Progressive Stamping processes. Dalsin is equipped with the latest in metal forming technology and tooling. Dalsin’s Press Brake capacity is scheduled in Epicor ERP / MRP to run product development through high volume production in the same optimized machine tools, validating the process in the first run to achieve repeatability and high quality manufacturing.

  • Press brake forming
  • Off-line programming with bend simulation
  • 5 axis back gauges

Press brake forming at Dalsin Industries

  • 12+ machine tools ranging up to 12 foot bed length and 225 forming tonnage
  • Offline programming with Bend Simulation Software and touch screen interface
  • precision ground and segmented American style tooling 5 Axis back gauges
  • quick change clamping systems for minimized set-up.
  • Repeatable process control; tolerances held within +/- 0.010”
  • Form parts with complex geometry.

press brake forming services

CNC Hydraulic Pressbrake

cnc press brake forming

Controller with graphics simulation.

cnc press brake forming services

Segmented tooling with material supports

press brake forming

5 Axis back gauges behind segmented tooling


Bend simulation software


Schematic showing the forming process

cnc press brake forming

press brake forming services

Press brakes with auto crowning for precision forming long parts.

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