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Robotic and Manual Welding

Robotic & Manual Welded Precision Metal Products

At Dalsin Industries, our customers gain access to extensive welding capabilities utilizing both Robotic and Manual welding, MIG and TIG. Our capabilities include:

  • Experienced and certified in welding carbon steels, stainless steels, and aluminum materials. 
  • Complete resistance spot welding capabilities available for joining parts together; as well as welding nuts, studs, and various other fasteners to precision metal assemblies.
  • AWS Certified Welders and AISC Compliant aws certified weldersaisc compliant welders

Dalsin supplies manual & robotic weldments to various industries, including:

Dalsin has material handling systems and overhead cranes in place to manage part positioning for parts ranging from 40 feet and longer weighing many tons, to small parts being a few inches long and fractions of a pound. Weld programs may run in 1,000+ unit manufacturing lots weekly to smaller volumes being processed monthly or a few times annually. Contact us today to learn more!

Dalsin Industries staff are experienced in designing and developing medium to high volume weld fixture solutions, ranging from:

  • Automotive quality fixtures with automated clamping and materials handling systems.
  • Articulating and rotating fixtures with CNC repositioning.
  • Carrousel rotating table and rollover fixtures.
  • Trunnions 
  • Positioners
  • Bluco welding tables

Learn more about our welding capabilities...

robotic welding services

Here’s a welding cell for robotically processing assemblies 40 feet long.

manual welding services

Tank weldment, with die penetrant leak testing, ensuring fluid leak proof welds.

cnc welding services

Aluminum enclosure welded assembly, over the road traffic cabinet


robotic welding services

Robotic welding with dual table rotating fixtures.

manual welding services

Manual welding cell at Dalsin, with integrated robotics.


cnc welding services

Stainless steel spot weldment

manual welding services

Manual Welded Electronic Enclosure



Structural baseplate robotic weldment, serialized.

cnc welding services

Torque Arm Robotic Weldment

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