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COVID-19 Customer Communication

Dalsin Industries is open for business. We're classified as an essential manufacturer, doing our part to keep OEM metal product supply chains working.

Solar Energy Mounting / Racking Systems

Utility scale solar power plants across the country are heavy users of robotic structural weldments manufactured at Dalsin.  High volume, certified weldments manufactured to internationally recognized standards, are a core competency at Dalsin Industries:

  • AWS D1.1 (AWS, American Welding Society)
  • AWS D1.2
  • AWS D1.6
  • AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction)

solar energy mounting

Steel structural weldment in process, joining fabricated and progressive stamped steel products.

Robotic welding systems at Dalsin are capable of high-volume production of large scale parts. Our capabilities include the ability to process parts up to 40 feet in length and longer. Our automated welding systems include:

  • Overhead cranes with programmable gantry movement and material handling systems.
  • CNC grinding equipment to condition material for processing.
  • Articulating fixtures with automatic clamping.
  • Synchronized twin welding heads, with touch sensing technology.  The twin weld heads fuse and join metal subcomponents concurrently.

solar racking systems

AWS certified weldments, serialized, with complete material tracking and documentation through the manufacturing process.

solar energy mounting

Progressive stamped component, programmed for CMM (coordinate measuring machine) inspection with a 3D printed support fixture.


solar racking systems

Structural steel weldments being delivered to utility scale power plant.

solar energy mounting system

Installed solar PV panel racking system.

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