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Dalsin Industries is open for business. We're classified as an essential manufacturer, doing our part to keep OEM metal product supply chains working.

CNC Sheet Metal Bending & Forming

Automated Panel Bending Services

Dalsin Industries provides sheet metal bending and forming services for major OEMs across the United States. Our experience with sheet metal bending presents custom design opportunities with the greatest forming accuracy. Compared to other metal fabrication methods, CNC panel bending maintains tight forming tolerances and repeatable process control through various complex formed geometries.

CNC bending and forming help maintain the high performance of the sheet metal while minimizing the risk of damage to the material. Sheet metal bending can work with both large workpieces and smaller parts that require a higher amount of production with a quick delivery time. Dalsin’s CNC sheet metal bending & forming technology is extremely useful for part consolidation and re-design for cost reduction. Our design initiative can be applied to highly cosmetic, pre-finished, and masked materials.

Sheet Metal Forming by Material

Dalsin Industries has the knowledge and experience to bend and form stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum sheet metal to your custom specifications. We understand that sheet metal bends can vary depending on the type of material, its weight, thickness, and gauge.

Dalsin processes highly cosmetic sheet materials through the automated forming process, including:

  • Stainless steel #4 polished and grained with masking film.
  • Aluminum grained, with and without masking film.
  • Pre-painted aluminum and steel.
  • Pre-primed aluminum and steel.

CNC Metal Bending & Forming Applications

Using the Salvagnini P4 automated panel bending machine, Dalsin Industries has the capability to bend and form sheet metal into a variety of tools based on your application. The blank is moved on a horizontal plane by the manipulator. A rotator fitted on the manipulator quickly and accurately places the side to be bent in front of the press. The blank holder holds the blank firmly in position. The bending unit and its blades can then make any number of bends, up or down, in rapid succession.

Sample Applications of CNC Panel Bending & CNC Sheet Metal Forming:

  • Electrical Cabinets, control boxes, and enclosures
  • Precision panels for computer chassis, heat exchangers, and vending machines
  • Tool drawers for utility trucks
  • Lockers
  • RV door panels
  • Doors, Drawers & Shelves
  • Light Fixtures
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Appliance doors and panels
  • Floor & Ceiling Systems
  • Boxes & Enclosures
  • Shrouds and Pans up to 6.5" deep

Corner construction examples of options achievable at Dalsin in the Salvagnini P4 automated panel bending machine tools:

sheet metal bending services

automated panel bending

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