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Metal Fabrication Services Automated Sheet Metal Panel Bending

Revolutionize Your Parts and Products with Dalsin's

Automated Panel Bending Technology

Dalsin Industries provides advanced sheet metal bending and forming services for major OEMs across the United States. Our suite of automated Salvagnini panel benders represents the peak of precision and efficiency in the metal fabrication industry. This state-of-the-art technology is not just about bending metal; it's about transforming ideas into reality with incredible accuracy, advanced bending options, and our collaborative design-for-manufacturing process.

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The Power of Salvagnini in Every Bend

Salvagnini automated panel benders are renowned for their advanced capabilities and consistency. Dalsin harnesses this power to offer you:

  • Rapid Production Cycles: Our Salvagnini machines accelerate the bending process, ensuring your projects are completed faster without sacrificing quality.
  • Complex Bending Made Simple: With the ability to perform complex bends with ease, our technology handles a variety of shapes and sizes, delivering products that meet stringent specifications.
  • Superior Precision and Consistency: The automated control ensures each bend is executed with the highest precision, guaranteeing consistency across large production runs.
  • Material Versatility: From Carbon to Stainless Steel, Coated steel materials, or Aluminum our machines work seamlessly across a range of materials, ensuring flexibility in your product design and manufacturing.

Advanced Bending Capabilities 

Between our P4L-3220, our fully automated Lakeville facility with dual S4+P4 lines, and our workhorse P4’s, Dalsin can bend complex profiles with unmatched speed, quality, and efficiency. Here are a few advantages of sheet metal bending on our P4’s:

  • Fewer equipment setups
  • Fewer processing operations
  • Fewer fasteners, fewer welds
  • Fewer seams for paint chemical leaching
  • Reduction in overall assembly weight
  • Increased panel rigidity with edge box structure
  • Unparalleled repeatability

And our Salvagnini P4L-3220 automatic panel bender, comes with even more distinct advantages:

  • Deeper bends up to 8”
  • Scratch free stainless processing
  • 61% thicker material for CLA forming & 28% thicker material for bending blade forming
  • 60” CLA forming length with automatic set up and adjustment of the CLA
  • Positive and negative form direction, gooseneck profile, and asymmetrical CLA motion for increased versatility
  • Rotating brushes removes debris on incoming sheets
  • PSE for cleaning and lubricating prevents galvanized build-up on bending blade

Enhanced Productivity, Reduced Costs

Investing in the latest panel bending technology signifies our commitment to not only enhancing productivity but also reducing production costs. This efficiency translates to competitive pricing and better value for our customers, making Dalsin Industries a leader in cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

Collaborative Engineering for Optimized Results

Our team doesn't just operate machines; we collaborate with you to ensure the final product is optimized for both design and functionality. We’re experts in Design for Manufacturing (DFM), where our engineering team works with customers to optimize cost-effective production. Our Engineers also use DFM for reduction in assembly part count while retaining assembly functionality and design. This value-added design service helps match equipment fit, form, and function to help customers achieve the best solution at the best value and cost.

Sustainability in Manufacturing

In line with our commitment to the environment, Dalsin's use of advanced technology like the Salvagnini panel benders aligns with our sustainability goals. This technology not only reduces waste but also minimizes energy consumption, reflecting our dedication to eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

Further, our facility boasts 3,096 solar panels that cater to 41% of our energy demands, translating to 1,374,624 kWh of clean energy annually. Further enhancing our green commitment, we collaborate with community solar gardens, providing an additional 0.8 MW of renewable energy. This ensures that over half of our energy consumption is sourced sustainably. In the metal fabrication arena, such dedication to green energy is rare. Our endeavors not only reflect our responsibility towards the environment but also position Dalsin as a pioneering leader in sustainable manufacturing.

Why Choose Dalsin for Automated Panel Bending?

Choosing Dalsin Industries isn't just about getting your products manufactured; it's about enhancing their potential. Our blend of advanced fabrication technology and human-centric approach positions us uniquely in the market. With Dalsin, you're not just partnering with a manufacturer; you're aligning with a legacy of excellence. And don’t just take our word for it. Dalsin consistently scores 96% in overall satisfaction with our metal works products and services, with customer loyalty scores in the TOP 2% FOR ALL INDUSTRIES.

Ready to Elevate Your Manufacturing with Dalsin? 

At Dalsin Industries, we're not just bending metal; we're shaping the future of fabrication. Join us in this journey of precision, efficiency, and innovation. Contact us today to learn more about how our automated sheet metal panel bending services can benefit your business.

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Dalsin Industries Quick Look: Panel Bending

Speed. Precision. Quality. Our top-of-the-line Salvagnini P4 automated sheet metal benders have numerous advantages over traditional press brake forming.

Sheet Metal Forming by Material

Dalsin Industries has the knowledge and experience to bend and form stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum sheet metal to your custom specifications. We understand that sheet metal bends can vary depending on the type of material, its weight, thickness, and gauge.

Dalsin processes highly cosmetic sheet materials through the automated forming process, including:

  • Stainless steel #4 polished and grained with masking film.
  • Aluminum grained, with and without masking film.
  • Pre-painted aluminum and steel.
  • Pre-primed aluminum and steel.

CNC Metal Bending & Forming Applications

Using the Salvagnini P4 automated panel bending machine, Dalsin Industries has the capability to bend and form sheet metal into a variety of tools based on your application. The blank is moved on a horizontal plane by the manipulator. A rotator fitted on the manipulator quickly and accurately places the side to be bent in front of the press. The blank holder holds the blank firmly in position. The bending unit and its blades can then make any number of bends, up or down, in rapid succession.

Sample Applications of CNC Panel Bending & CNC Sheet Metal Forming:

  • Electrical Cabinets, control boxes, and enclosures
  • Precision panels for computer chassis, heat exchangers, and vending machines
  • Tool drawers for utility trucks
  • Lockers
  • RV door panels
  • Doors, Drawers & Shelves
  • Light Fixtures
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Appliance doors and panels
  • Floor & Ceiling Systems
  • Boxes & Enclosures
  • Shrouds and Pans up to 6.5" deep

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