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Robotic Welding Manufacturing Services

Robotic Welding, or automated welding, is the use of an automated, programmable system that welds and handles the product. Dalsin has the latest in Robotic Welding equipment and technologies, offering our customers the throughput, performance, and process quality control which robotic welding brings to the manufacturing process. Our robotic welding services provide speed, efficiency, and control for welded manufacturing processes.

robotic welding

Genesis CRZ-FT 1 Robot Booth

Robotic welding is a key component to manufacturing cost control and production velocity of cellular manufacturing:

  • Robotic Welding - Significantly reduces set-up times, making it feasible to process significantly smaller production run lot sizes and realize the benefits of the CNC technology.
  • Robotic Welding - Increases throughput (both capacity and velocity).
  • Robotic Welding - Dramatically improves weld quality, consistency, repeatability.
  • Robotic Welding - Reduces and often eliminates the need for hand finishing and grinding of welds.

Benefits of Automated Robotic Welding

Dalsin’s numerous robotic welding cells offer customers extensive cellular manufacturing advantages:

  • Large robotically assembled weldments - using robotic trunnions to facilitate rotating weldment and articulating weld fixtures.
  • Touch sensing robotic heads for location accuracy across large parts.
  • Production scheduling flexibility to process weldments through multiple robotic systems, and the ability to offer customers fast turn delivery. 
  • Welding of simple to complex assemblies, with a large number of parts and subcomponents, varying part material thicknesses, and challenging individual part geometries.
  • Welding a large spectrum of part sizes, with weld assemblies and parts ranging from 40 feet in length down to as small as 3” x 3” x 3”.
  • Expertise in welding carbon steel (1" thick), aluminum, and stainless steel.

Our robotic welding systems utilize the latest weld process techniques including CV, STT, Pulse, and Rapid Arc to deliver high quality, repeatable and esthetically clean welds.

We design and engineer all of our welding fixtures including automated hydraulic clamping features.

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