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Dalsin Industries is frequently selected to supply medium to high volume orders of  certified compliant and weld-inspected products for the complex weldments often required in highly specialized products. Experience completing weldments certified to AWS structural codes, and AISC codes, validates the manufacturing process control and quality engineered into and maintained by Dalsin staff welders, weld inspectors, and weld trainers.

Certifications and Technical benefits of robotic welding at Dalsin include:

  • Welding staff and systems are certified to international standards and codes.
  • AWS (American Welding Society) certification to structural codes:
    • D1.1
    • D1.2
    • D1.6
    • Compliance to addition weld standards.
  • AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) compliant to the following:
    • AISC QMS (Quality Management Systems).
    • AISC compliant Building Fabricator.
    • AISC compliant Component Manufacturer – Bridge.
    • Compliance to additional weld standards.
  • CWI (AWS certified weld inspectors) on staff at all facilities.
  • AWS certified weld trainer on staff.



Dalsin’s numerous robotic welding cells offer customers extensive manufacturing advantages:

  • Large robotically assembled weldments - using robotic trunnions to facilitate rotating weldment and articulating weld fixtures.
  • Touch sensing robotic heads for location accuracy across large parts.
  • Production scheduling flexibility to process weldments through multiple robotic systems, and the ability to offer customers fast turn delivery. 
  • Welding of simple to complex assemblies, with a large number of parts and subcomponents, varying part material thicknesses, and challenging individual part geometries.
  • Welding a large spectrum of part sizes, with weld assemblies and parts ranging from 40 feet in length down to as small as 3” x 3” x 3”.
  • Expertise in welding carbon steel (1" thick), aluminum, and stainless steel.

AISC Certified Welding

Our robotic welding systems utilize the latest weld process techniques including CV, STT, Pulse, and Rapid Arc to deliver high quality, repeatable and esthetically clean welds.

We design and engineer all of our welding fixtures including automated hydraulic clamping features.

AWS Certified Welding

d1.1 welding

d1.2 welding

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