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COVID-19 Customer Communication

Dalsin Industries is open for business. We're classified as an essential manufacturer, doing our part to keep OEM metal product supply chains working.


automated laser cutting

laser sheet metal cutting services

High-speed sheet metal laser cutting at Dalsin Industries.

Dalsin Industries is tooled up for high volume and velocity custom-engineered metal laser cutting services in four Mitsubishi laser systems, at 4,000 to 4,500-watt cutting power. Our automated laser sheet metal cutting systems manufacture precision metal part blanks from sheet and plate, enabling us to provide quick turn prototyping, rapid start-ups for product development, as well as high-velocity production volume. Dalsin dynamically nests parts from common material alloys and gauges to optimize sheet utilization and control overall manufacturing costs in every way possible. The production schedule for automated laser cutting sheet metal at Dalsin includes 24/7 operations for around the clock production, shipping more parts to our customers in less time. Contact us today to learn more about our sheet metal laser cutting services!

automated laser cutting services

Mitsubishi 2d CO2 sheet metal laser cutting machines, all equipped with fully automated tower systems for sheet loading and continuous processing

automated laser cutting

Automated Laser Cutting Technology at Dalsin Industries

  • Precision laser cut parts from sheet and plate ranging up to 60” x 120” without repositioning; cutting up to:
    • 1.0" thick carbon steel
    • 0.5" thick stainless steel
    • 0.375" thick aluminum
  • Automated FMS material handling towers allowing for 24/7 operation to meet customer’s rapid manufacturing demands for sheet metal lasered products.
  • Laser beam stability and cut speeds up to 2,300 inches per minute; travel speeds exceeding 4,700 inches per minute.
  • Repeatable process control; tolerances held within +/- 0.004”
  • Complex shapes without tooling lead-time and costs; prototypes completed quickly and cost effectively.
  • Laser cutting automation drives increases in efficiencies and cost reductions in manufacturing.
  • Provides superior burr-free edge quality; Cut edge smoothness 125 micron
  • Laser beam kerf width = 0.007”
  • PVC masking film scoring to aid assembly
  • Steel Laser Cutting Services

laser sheet metal cutting services

automated laser cutting

laser sheet metal cutting services

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