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Dalsin Industries Wants to be Your AC Unit Metal Enclosure Fabricator of Choice

Hvac unit metal enclosures

HVAC Sheet Metal Enclosure Manufacturing is a huge market, but among the 2,500+ players, individual businesses are seeing different growth and profit potential. Industry analysts size your market at $42.9B in annual revenues (IBIS World, 2020) and are predicting growth through 2025 of 1.8% annually. Rapid industrialization, urbanization, and improving standards of living have catalyzed the development of modern infrastructure have increased. These market drivers will continue in the future, the creating demand for air conditioner equipment and escalating sales worldwide. Furthermore, increasing demand is driven by energy saving programs and the diversification of the product range. Depending on the industry sector you focus on, you may be seeing strong growth or somewhat slower growth, especially if you focus on commercial and industrial products.

Many manufacturers are upgrading their HVAC sheet metal enclosures to include air purification systems/dehumidification systems and related systems to help keep employees safe. Additionally, with economic tailwinds helping many sectors, you may be operating your plants at full utilization with spikes in production demands during the summer months and may be looking for an overflow partner.

As your systems evolve, you may also be looking to process prefinished/coated materials as well as aluminum and stainless. We support a variety of key materials and offer kit production capabilities when you want more components outsourced.

While your revenues might be healthy, rising supply chain, raw material, production, and transportation costs might be negatively impacting your profits.

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How Can You Grow Both Your Revenues And Profits And Outperform Your Competitors?

Dalsin Industries uses design for manufacturing, automation, a unique integration of business processes, and veteran production specialists to deliver high quality parts used by ac unit metal enclosure fabricators around the U.S.

What Can We Do for You?

As you improve the performance of your HVAC sheet metal enclosure, we would like to collaborate with you on continuous innovation.

 If any of these represent your target markets or target parts, we’d like to talk with you:


  • HVAC for commercial / industrial construction
  • HVACR equipment
  • Condensation Pans
  • Salvagnini Bending
  • Panels
  • Automated Bending
  • Doors
  • Enclosures 
  • Boxes

Why Would You Work With Anyone Other Than The Market Leader?

Over the past three years, Dalsin has won numerous industry and local awards. In fact, in 2020, Dalsin won the prestigious “2020 Manufacturer of the Year” award from the Manufacturers and Fabricators Association (FMA)—the most visible award they grant each year! Only one U.S. company wins this annual award, and Dalsin was selected for a rich combination of consistent growth and operational excellence.

Not only that, the top two Minneapolis-St. Paul business magazines—the Twin Cities Business Journal and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal--each awarded Dalsin Manufacturer of the Year awards.

This kind of success happens because Dalsin operates its business according to strong core values and understands how important people are to its success. We like our technology and state-of-the-art production equipment, but we consider people as the core of our success. Our ability to integrate people and processes in unique ways makes us a better business, and one that is consistently recognized for its performance against other fabricators and manufacturers too.

You Care About Benefits. We Do Too!

Our goal is to collaborate with you to make your great products even better. Design for manufacture (DFM) involves engaging our engineers working with your product team to see if there’s a way to make your parts easier to manufacture, stronger, easier to maintain, and less costly. There can be many product and financial benefits in a DFM review. We helped one OEM strengthen their part, remove multiple subparts through manufacturing technology, reduce weight, and remove 22% of the manufactured cost. In this sector, quality is also a fundamental requirement. Products need to be tested and certified, so all systems involved in the manufacturing process need to be accurate and repeatable.

Summary Of Benefits

Our systems have been designed for flexibility: our punching machines can use many different tools, integrated punch-shear systems allow you to process even diversified parts with a single machine. Our efficient and versatile nesting programs enable maximum sheet metal utilization, fast component separation and shorter cycle times and the ability for kit production. The variety of materials commonly use is galvanized steel, galvannealed steel, aluminum, stainless steel, pre-painted in a scratch free processing system.

The high quality of the components created with our machines eliminates subsequent processing, such as deburring, and reduces assembly times. Our quality systems allow you to produce responsibly: more components at a lower cost, whilst respecting the environment with the Green Means approach.

If you are looking for an award-winning fabrication partner who works in close collaboration with your team to deliver high quality, high performing parts to meet your production timeframes and margin targets, give us a call!

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