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About Dalsin Industries, Inc.

Introduction: Value Proposition

“Excellence in Fabrication and Design”

Dalsin leads the market in high-value contract manufacturing of precision sheet metal products—delivering operational excellence through our unique integration of people, processes, and production technology. Our manufacturing services combine collaborative design assistance, design-for-manufacture optimization, high velocity manufacturing, precise planning and production control, and supply chain management.  We deliver high-value solutions to multiple industries.

Creating Value From Unique Competencies

At Dalsin, we believe our value proposition is the most succinct, customer-facing expression you’ll find in the metal fabrication industry today. Because value propositions are built from a company’s unique competencies—those capabilities that are the foundation of the value it offers its customers and employees—Dalsin Industries has built an offering that sets us apart from the pack. Our progressive competencies, deep experience, and unyielding passion translate into a distinctive advantage for your company.

Unique competencies take many forms at Dalsin Industries:

  • technology advantage
  • people and expertise
  • industry position, size and scale
  • market relationships
  • business and manufacturing processes.

The Start

In 1945 Richard E. ("Dick") and Eleanor Dalsin founded Dick Dalsin Sheet Metal Company, initially specializing in architectural sheet metal products.

Dalsin Industries was founded as a partnership and continued as such until its incorporation in the State of Minnesota in 1973, and then elected to become a Subchapter S Corporation in 1987. Dick and Eleanor's sons Steve, Dave, and Mark became active in the business and eventual owners of the company.

Continued Developments Responding to Customer Needs

Dalsin Industries has evolved greatly from its beginnings in residential / architectural sheet metal. Like never before, investments in automation and technology continue as Dalsin supports new customer applications and new markets. Our customers and markets have expanded to include businesses in technical and computing products, renewable energy, medical equipment, large over the road vehicles, automotive, cosmetic and industrial equipment, construction, and others.

sheet metal contract manufacturing minneapolis

Steve, Dave, and Mark Dalsin

Dalsin Industries Today

Dalsin Industries has responded to changes in the industry and customer levels by entering new markets for its value-added products and contract manufacturing services. In addition to traditional sheet-metal fabrication operations, the Company is committed to progressive metal stamping as a significant core competency.

Today, Dalsin Industries is positioned as a full-service contract manufacturer with customers across the U.S. and North America, as well as regularly shipping to international customer markets. Dalsin’s growth is supported by regional strength in the Midwest U.S. Dalsin’s goal to deliver the highest value to our customers and our business plan for long-term sustainable growth continue as customers ask us to service their precision metal manufacturing needs across the U.S. and around the world.

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