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  • Metal Product Applications


Dalsin Industries expertly applies over seventy (70) years of product application and development experience to the manufacturing of precision weldments, assemblies, progressive stamped parts, and fabricated products.  Dalsin was founded in 1945 and is built around regional and lean manufacturing principles and best practices, with ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management systems at our Midwest facility in Minnesota.

Dalsin’s product application and manufacturing experience is very diverse.  Here are a few notable highlights from a cross-section of industries supported and products manufactured:

  • Solar racking and energy utility mounting systems
    • Ground based racking systems for utility scale solar power stations and solar power plants
    • Generation, transmission, and storage enclosures, housings, racks, and devices
  • Medical and pharmaceutical carts, equipment, and components
  • Electro-mechanical assemblies, end product and close-to-end product fulfillment
  • Precision metal enclosures, cabinets, chassis, and kiosks
  • Metal drawer, door, panel, shroud applications
  • Structural and heavy gauge weldments, with tubing
  • Outdoor cooking appliance and storage cabinets
  • Indoor kitchen and cooking device assemblies and enclosures.
  • Metal frames, troughs, drawers
  • Building racking / shelving systems (complete)
  • Prefabricated metal building structural components, room and wall elements (light gauge applications)
  • Racks and shelves; Individual brackets /angle supports
  • Beams and posts (light gage applications)

Dalsin actively assists in the success and growth of our customers in these industries today.  We work alongside them to help them achieve growth from new products and new applications:

  • Energy production, transmission, storage management
  • Automotive, tier 2
  • Computer and control technical products
  • Motor coaches and motor homes
  • Industrial trucks, tractors, and travel trailers
  • Commercial and utility trucks and bus bodies
  • Recreational vehicles and motorcycles
  • Vehicle based mobile and portable computing support hardware and lighting systems
  • Agriculture machinery and equipment
  • Food products machinery
  • Furnaces and ovens
  • General Industrial products
  • Indoor climate control, air treating, air conditioning, air handling, heating equipment
  • Kiosks and vending machines, automatic dispensing assemblies
  • Construction / Retail / Architecture

iso certified banner

Dalsin Industries ISO 9001 banner positioned above three automated laser cutting systems.

precision manufacturing services

660 Ton progressive stamping press with automated coil feed system.


Memphis wood pellet fired cooking appliance stainless steel welded and polished cover.

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