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DC Racking & Storage Systems

Dalsin has a large portfolio of customers with businesses focused on distribution center products, data server centers, materials management systems, and racking / guarding industries.  Examples of Dalsin’s market experience supplying precision metal and structural weldment products to distribution-related businesses, include:

  • Dynamic Storage systems with bull nose weldments and post protectors
  • Conveyor chutes and system products
  • Racking systems with dust caps
  • Server center and data center racking and cabinets
  • Baggage and container handling systems, including load / un-load / sorting system components
  • Automated system and manual palletizing and de-palletizing
  • Shipping sortation and distribution systems
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems

dc racking systems manufacturer

Grain product sorting weldments, positioned in front of a robotic welding workcell.

dynamic storage systems manufacturer

Racking bull nose protection and safety products.

warehouse shelving systems

Design of a large chute weldment manufactured at Dalsin.

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