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COVID-19 Customer Communication

Dalsin Industries is open for business. We're classified as an essential manufacturer, doing our part to keep OEM metal product supply chains working.

Solar Racking & Mounting Components

Dalsin Industries’ regional manufacturing model for precision metal manufacturing includes facilities in Minnesota (MN) which support regional and national customers.  Dalsin delivers high-velocity & high volume production of precision metal weldments and assemblies to the Renewable Energy utility market, including stainless steel racks.  Dalsin’s capabilities include utility grade-scale production in high volumes ranges (up to multiple daily full truck-load shipments) outbound direct to our customer locations across North America.  All Dalsin facilities are certified to American Weld Society (AWS) and American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) welding standards and procedures, with AWS Certified Weld Inspectors (CWI) on staff. We are your go-to stainless steel rack fabricators. Contact us today to learn more about our contract manufacturing services.

Metal Manufacturing for Renewable Energy Systems

Energy market sectors and products manufactured at Dalsin are represented by these examples:

  • Structural weldments and mounting systems
  • Solar Electric Energy
    • ground based racking systems; utility grade and scale
    • residential roof top
    • commercial roof-top
  • Storage and Transmission system racks and devices
  • Portable power structural cabinets and shrouding systems
  • Clean Energy
  • Fuel Cell Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Renewable Energy

solar racking manufacturers

Dalsin Industries' high velocity and automated robotic weldment work cell.

solar panel mounting systems

Steel tank weldment, combination robotic and manual weldment with weld penetrant testing for fluid containment vessels.

solar mounting components

Steel rack weldments, powder coated

About Dalsin Industries

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Dalsin leads the market in high-value contract manufacturing of precision sheet metal products--delivering operation excellence through our unique integration of people, processes, and production technology

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Dalsin Industries is positioned as a full-service contract manufacturer with major OEM customers across the United States.

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