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COVID-19 Customer Communication

Dalsin Industries is open for business. We're classified as an essential manufacturer, doing our part to keep OEM metal product supply chains working.

  • Metal Fabrication

Premier Welding & Fabrication Company for Industry Leading OEMs

Dalsin is much more than your average welding and fabrication shop. We carry an advantageous industry position (with both size and scalability), superior market relationships, the best staff and engineers in the business, and battle-tested fabrication technology and automation that’ll help both your bottom line and timeline.

And you want capabilities? We got ‘em. 135,000 square feet of metal fabrication nirvana. Tower-fed fiber lasers, robotic and manual welding cells, automated punching machines, automated panel benders, CNC multi-axis press brakes, in-house powder coating, machining, finishing, assembly, and everything in-between. Add in our top-notch quality control, ISO certification, rapid production capabilities, and world-class shipping department, and you’ll quickly see why Dalsin is a leading welding and fabrication partner for original equipment manufacturers around the globe.

Give us a call to learn how we can help or feel free to explore further below.

Capability Highlight

Manual & Robotic Welding

When you’ve been an industry leader in welding and fabrication for 75+ years, creating excellent weldments for every client and project (big or small) becomes second nature. And with significant institutional knowledge in welding, we’re proud to manufacture AWS certified structural D.1 weldments with CWI on staff. We’re also deeply positioned into automated, tight-tolerance, leading-edge robotic welders. We can handle nearly any material specification, including steel, stainless, and aluminum. Learn more about our welding capabilities.

Precision Sheet Punching

It’s easy to appreciate Dalsin’s commitment to leading the industry in high-volume precision metal fabrication when you see our full sheet metal punching department in action. Advanced machine tool technology and metal punching capabilities are brought to the next level with our state-of-the-art fully automated large format punching centers.  And with position accuracy at +/- 0.004” and repeatability to position at +/- 0.001”, our automated sheet metal punching services deliver the precision you require for your metal applications. We have the capability to punch parts with complex patterns and complex geometries while maintaining accuracy and high-volume production rates. Learn more about our punching capabilities.


About Dalsin Industries

Excellence in Fabrication and Design

Dalsin leads the market in high-value contract manufacturing of precision sheet metal products--delivering operation excellence through our unique integration of people, processes, and production technology

Our Presence

Dalsin Industries is positioned as a full-service contract manufacturer with major OEM customers across the United States.

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