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Contract Metal Fabrication

Dalsin’s capabilities really shine when our customer’s end product has significant precision sheet metal content -- stamped or fabricated parts and assembly. Dalsin supplies our customers the best cost and complete total product solution for medium to high volume orders.

By leveraging Dalsin’s world class purchasing organization, we cost effectively purchase all plastic, electrical/electronic components, hardware required, and fully install, assemble, and test. The result: high quality delivery of products to our customer’s customer (the end user).

As further validation of Dalsin’s contract metal manufacturing, end product design, final assembly, and testing capabilities, please note Dalsin’s national and international award winning outdoor cooking appliance – the Memphis Wood Fire Grill --http://memphisgrills.com. This highly sophisticated outdoor cooking appliance was designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested by our own Dalsin Industries technical staff that you - our customer - have available to support your best cost design and metal manufacturing solutions.

In addition to contract manufacturing metal fabrication, we can also manufacture and assemble a “Close To Complete” end product assembly for our Customers. As demonstrated below, the medical cart offers electronics integration, including a battery pack for “power out” laptop computing. 

sheet metal contract manufacturer

contract metal fabrication

This Close To Complete end product application includes plastic injection molded parts, thermoform plastic parts, aluminum extrusions, wiring harnesses, electrical/electronic components, hinges, drawer slides, and casters – all purchased, installed, and electronically tested by Dalsin Industries.

end product contract manufacturing

Veterinary exam table – electromechanical assembly.

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