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RV door panel manufacturer

Dalsin Industries is a key player on the team redesigning transit bus doors, panels, access hoods, and skin sets for the leading Transit Bus builder in America.

#1 TRANSIT BUS BUILDER. Dalsin’s OEM customer has delivered over 20,000 buses to approximately 200 US customers – more than any other manufacturer.

Dalsin’s engineering team was tasked with the challenge to redesign a product family of transit bus doors and skin panel sub-assemblies in an effort to cost reduce and improve the fit and functional rigidity of the panels across the entire product family. The original design intent of the aluminum panel subassemblies was based on an outer aluminum sheet skin with numerous custom machined tube members welded into position on the inside surface of the panel.

electrical cabinets

Original Panel weldment with machined tube members.

The Dalsin team engaged on the project, and quickly analyzed opportunities to incorporate design strength vs. gauge strength; automated manufacturing methods of the Trumpf Trupunch 5000 punching center and Salvagnini P4 panel bending workcenters; streamlined riveted with structural adhesive assembly techniques replacing the welded construction of the original design.

electrical cabinets manufacturer

Trumpf Trupunch 5000 automated full sheet punching workcenter.

RV door panel manufacturer

Salvagnini P4 automated panel bender forming workcenter.

Together the bus company and Dalsin, through a rapid and collaborative initiative, successfully achieved cost reductions and significant improvements through bill of material line item reductions (resulting from P4 formed geometries creating torque box effects around the perimeter of the panels), assembly processing and lead-time reductions.  The product family has proven to benefit from Dalsin implemented enhancements to the structural, mechanical, and powder coated cosmetic performance of the product family.  The end result is better bus panels at lower costs in less time.



P4 Panel bent complex formed outer panel.



Riveted construction for improved cosmetics and manufacturing velocity.

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