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Materials Coated Steel Sheet Metal


At Dalsin Industries, we specialize in the expert processing of Coated Steel, a key material in our broad portfolio, to create bespoke OEM products for diverse applications. Our projects range from construction materials and automotive parts to sophisticated electrical casings and cutting-edge renewable energy solutions. Coated Steel's versatility is showcased through our work with galvanized, aluminized, Galvalume, and Paint Grip steels, each selected for its unique benefits in specific applications.


  • Galvanized Steel is celebrated for its exceptional corrosion resistance, achieved through a protective layer of zinc. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor environments where durability is critical.
  • Aluminized Steel, coated with aluminum-silicon alloy, offers superior heat resistance and is frequently used in high-temperature environments, such as exhaust systems.
  • Galvalume Steel, a fusion of zinc, aluminum, and silicon, combines the best traits of its constituents, offering unmatched protection against corrosion and heat, making it perfect for both roofing and siding applications.
  • Paint Grip Steel, treated to ensure better adhesion of paint, is preferred for aesthetic applications requiring a durable painted finish.

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Dalsin Industries prides itself on integrating Coated Steel into our manufacturing processes, pushing the boundaries of innovation and quality. Our dedication to leveraging these materials ensures that we deliver products that not only meet but exceed the performance and aesthetic expectations of our clients, reinforcing our leadership in the metal fabrication industry.

Coated Sheet Metal Specifications 

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