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Can you share a bit about the project work that Dalsin completed for you?

With my one year of experience, Dalsin is one of our key strategic suppliers and from a contracting manufacturer standpoint, there are 3 key products, Sunvault, which is our newest product, Oneroof, Dalsin is the key manufacturer for and the third product they help with too. These are the 3 key products that Dalsin has worked on with us.  

What challenges have experts from the Dalsin helped you address?

Dalsin has been a really good partner, from building prototypes, launching the product, all three of our key products, addressing issues, engineering and production. Dalsin is really good with flexibility and coordination, and with design, they are willing to work to with us to reach the common goal.

How did the relationship with you and process work?

I see Dalsin and my peers see Dalsin as good with their engineering quality, and we have been working with Dalsin as partners. We speak candidly and can talk about what went wrong and what we can do better, this relationship works really well.

What outcomes or results from your work with Dalsin have your experienced? (time, cost, quality)

From the result outcome standpoint, working with Dalsin we are able to launch the product we have been working on, to meet our schedule. With the cost on a new product, the cost is fair, and we work together to bring cost down. From an engineering standpoint, they have been very good on designs and they give us ideas for engineering and quality. I don’t believe we have run into any quality or design issues.

What makes Dalsin a good partner to work with?

They are willing to get through the complicated part of design and building protypes. The relationship we have built together and the foundation we’ve created makes Dalsin our top supplier. Based on our history, we see Dalsin as a partner, not just a supplier. When we have a new product in the pipeline, we always go to Dalsin.

Can you share quote that we can use for promotional purposes?

“Dalsin aligns with SunPower’s values, our vision statement, let's change the way our world is powered, we need to have great partners like Dalsin that fits this goal.”


Person Interviewed                Sylvia Win

Role (Position, Company)      Sr. Manager, Supply Chain, SunPower

Interviewer                              Hannah Schmeling

Date Interviewed                     2/25/21