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Person Interviewed                Alex Nelson

Role (Position, Company)      Purchasing Manager, Legrand

Interviewer                             Hannah Schmeling

Date Interviewed                    2/24/21

Can you share a bit about the project work that Dalsin completed for you?

Our company is a T.V. and projector mount manufacturer, we have been long term business partners, probably 15 years and we have ongoing production they help support, making components that get used in assembly at our facility. We have a mix of assembly and heavy distribution from our facility. I did serve as the Domestic buyer and Dalsin was one of my key suppliers in that role.

What challenges have experts from the Dalsin helped you address?

Within the last few years, we’ve had some pretty good collaboration around doing design work, especially around welding and we were able to set up a useful assembly process and subcontracting arrangements. Not only have we done those collaborations, it’s helpful that they are local to us so whenever we do run into a quality issue, we’re able to go on site and utilize Dalsin’s team of engineers and quality people to figure out how to get through whatever is going on.

How did the relationship with you and process work?

The business that we’re in is very heavy in sheet metal components and is what Dalsin does for the most part and we operate from a standpoint of only working with suppliers that meet our key criteria of on time delivery, quality, and competitive pricing. The suppliers that we work with we consider the best of the best, and if they don’t fall in that category they get phased out over time. We’ve had a long relationship with Dalsin, being competitive and providing us with the quality and on time delivery that we expect. We generally keep our suppliers list as small as possible, so Dalsin has stuck with us for quite a while and they’ve helped support us to help our company continue to be successful.

What outcomes or results from your work with Dalsin have your experienced? (time, cost, quality)

Dalsin works as a partner and there are situations where we request very quick turn arounds and they’re able to utilize their resources to help meet our expectations, we are a pretty demanding costumer and we’re consistently trying to please our costumers which means that we press our suppliers pretty hard too. Having a good partnership with Dalsin and having them maintain that flexibility helps us maintain our ability to please our customers and be successful.

What makes Dalsin a good partner to work with?

What I view Dalsin as is a company that’s always expanding, their technologies they can provide, and they’re continuously investing in their equipment for the future. They have really wide range of engineering experience and certain capabilities that a lot of suppliers don’t have. It’s great to see them investing in some awesome equipment and investing in the future, and we certainly see that in terms of comparing them to other suppliers that are just getting by. We view our partnership with our suppliers as we want our suppliers to be successful so we can be successful, it’s a mutual relationship where their success helps us, and they will continue to be there down the road. As we grow, they grow, and we can work together for a long period of time.