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Dalsin Industries Starts Early Recruiting Next Generation Staff

Bloomington, Minnesota – November 8, 2017

Dalsin Industries, a Bloomington-based metal fabricator, hosted 29 students from St. Paul College, and 9 students from St. Paul City Elementary School at the fourth- and fifth-grade levels during Minnesota Manufacturing Week held October 1-7th.

Minnesota Manufacturing Week is an annual initiative sponsored by MN Employment and Economic Development (DEED). DEED encourages statewide manufacturers to host onsite plant tours as a way of orienting students to the technologies, processes, and opportunities offered in a career focused on production-related businesses.

Minnesota Manufacturing Week at Dalsin Industries 2017Dalsin has been part of this initiative for two years, reports Debra Gieseke, Director of Human Resources. “The challenge of locating talent to support our current business expansion is always front and center,” says Gieseke, “but we are also looking at building curiosity early in students who find interest in producing unique goods and products, and who have technology interests.”  “Even though the fourth and fifth graders are not entering the workforce for a while,” Gieseke says, “Early exposure to technologies such as advanced robotics could create an interest which often develops into a career passion.  We think that other educational initiatives like STEM are very worthwhile, and we believe in supporting this DEED program.”

Dalsin Industries Starts Early Recruiting Next Generation Staff

Dalsin has more than 15 positions currently open and has initiated programs with local colleges to provide internships and apprenticeships.  Gieseke says: “It would be great to find some immediate candidates from the onsite tours.” She was delighted in the reactions of some of the younger students. “The fourth and fifth graders were as impressed by the cookies we made on one of our products, a Memphis Wood Fire Grill, as they were by the large robotic equipment.”


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