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Dalsin has extensive experience providing value-added services for medium to high volume orders, including the installation of clinch press-in fasteners, rivets, rivet-nuts, and additional technical engineered hardware captivated to the products. Our engineering team assists our customers in design and DFM (design for manufacturability) improvements which might include various mechanical fasteners and fastening methods.

Dalsin utilizes CNC programmable hardware insertion machinery and equipment to install almost any size clinch nut, clinch-stud, clinch standoff, high strength fasteners, panel fasteners, and specialty technical fasteners. This equipment and technology helps minimizes the risk of missing hardware and/or the use of incorrect hardware.

Our customers consider the Dalsin engineering staff as an important resource to assist and support the customer’s assessment and determination of the most appropriate fastener hardware for the application and need. For instance, considerations in the rivet selection process:

  • Rivet Body – stem style:  break-stem, open-ended break-stem, closed end break stem.
  • Rivet Head style: dome, flange, countersunk, other.
  • Rivet Material selection (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, other) and Finish to meet corrosion resistance requirements.
  • Rivet Body size, Rivet grip range, sheet metal hole sizes.

How a blind rivet works.

riveting and hardware insertion

A blind rivet consists of two parts, the body and the setting mandrel.

cnc programmable hardware insertion

CNC programmable hardware insertion machine, Haeger 824.

riveting assembly services


riveting assembly services

Riveted assembly with powder coated components.

cnc programmable hardware insertion

Riveted assembly example of Dalsin’s experience.

riveting assembly services

Cellular manufacturing in hardware insertion, with 2 insertion machines.

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